AOD Fitness is a team of coaches who provide 1 to 1 coaching for athletes. We use a combination of tried and tested training principles and applied sciences of training and performance to deliver results to our athletes.

Performance, Development and Gratification are at the core of everything we do to help our athletes to exceed their ambitions and more.

All of our coaches have a level of higher education, continued professional development and experience at a high level of competition. They have been carefully selected and are true masters of their craft and are always striving to expand their coaching philosophy. 


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I have been working with AOD fitness now for 5 months. In these 5 months, I have PB’d my front squats by over 5kg. And when you have been doing this for around 5 years it’s very hard to put kilograms on your compound lifts. Also, I improved my 5km Row from 18.10 to 17.43. For me, this was massive to go under 18 minutes but to go under by over 15 seconds I was really chuffed.

I could not recommend the boys at AOD enough, they are really good at what they do and all very nice people, I constantly hassle them to change my program because of in and out of lockdown and it has been no bother to them at all, the weekly check in’s with my coach Harry has been a lifesaver, thank you so much, I have seen huge improvements in my training and personal life. Much appreciated and very grateful.

Helen Nutter

I have been working with the AOD coaches for just over 2 years now. In this time their detailed approach to programming has helped me develop as an athlete both physically and mentally.

I have a better understanding of how my body responds to exercise and they constantly push me closer to reacher my goals. We have regular feedback to highlight areas for improvement which help me focus on the process of building to peak seasons.

Not only do they constantly challenge my approach to workouts, but they have spent significant time building the foundations which have taken some of my greatest weaknesses to movements which I can confidently say are now some of my biggest strengths.

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