Professional coaching to you help you reach your athletic potential.

Programmes developed with one goal in mind – elite CrossFit performance. Whatever your level we have a plan to help you.

Our programmes are ever-evolving based on the performance of our athletes. We tweak and adjust workouts and progressions every single week for maximal efficacy.

We use tried and tested scientific methods of Strength and Conditioning training to deliver the best program possible. We are professionals in our craft and that means always learning and always growing. This is NOT a load of random workouts thrown together by an athlete that will leave you broken and stagnating.

Get your program delivered straight to your phone through the Truecoach app. Weekly program available to view every Sunday. View movement demos and log your scores to keep track of your performance. Upload videos and comments for coaches review and chat directly with an AOD coach.

Bespoke Coaching

Our Bespoke Coaching package is an all-encompassing coaching service where we offer everything we can to fulfil the needs of athletes. Work closely 1 to 1 with your own coach to help you to achieve your absolute potential.

This is the package best for athletes that are more experienced or have particular limitations that need the focused eye of a coach. Also, athletes that have unique training circumstances/lifestyles that need a personal approach to accommodate them.

Key Features

100% Bespoke Program

Have your coach design a program completely tailored to your individual goals, needs and lifestyle. Since every athlete is different we understand and prioritise identifying how we can ensure our athletes make the most out of every single day.

Weekly Check-Ins

Every week meet virtually with your coach to analyse the past and discuss the future of your training. From video analysis to simply rescheduling around your week; the purpose of our check-ins are to optimise your training and recovery week to week.

Performance Tracking

Performance Metrics and tracking to provide you with quantifiable evidence that you are making progress. We have a vast amount of data catalogued for varying tests to make sure you are meeting the highest of standards.

Competition Support

We aim to provide you with a coach for all of your important competitions throughout the season. We structure a yearly competition calendar for AOD athletes to target and receive coaching throughout.

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Bespoke Coaching

SEMI-Bespoke Coaching

Our Semi-Bespoke Coaching package offers an alternative to full 1 to 1 coaching. For many this is a perfect progression from a general programme where you receive enough attention to keep improving on a fast trajectory. The attention to detailed limitation and movement work will add more depth to your training before you progress to the need for Bespoke Coaching.

Key Features

Monthly Check-Ins

Meet with your coach virtually every month to stay accountable and discuss the past, as well as current and future training cycles.

Movement Assessment

Athlete screening and bespoke movement prescription work to help address imbalances and weaknesses. Addressing movement efficiency and economy will shift the needle in your performance in all areas.

Weakness Work

Get up to 5 additional sessions each week that are designed to improve your specific set of weaknesses. The perfect bridge between a generalised and fully bespoke coaching program to aid your progression.

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semi-Bespoke Coaching


Fuel your way to peak performance

It’s a common misconception that you can out-train a bad diet. Ask any top coach or athlete and they’ll tell you that nutrition is one of the integral pillars that can help to not only optimise performance when it counts but to aid recovery from every session, 365 days a year. Nutrition is crucial to maximising athletic potential.

Key Features

Performance-Based Coaching

Working alongside your coach, we’ll tailor your nutrition through the different stages of the competition year to ensure you’re always fueling your body to perform and recover to the best of its ability.

Competition Guide & Prep

Alongside your personal plan, receive a competition nutrition guide, planning and support in the build-up to big events to ensure your performance is at its best for game day.

1 to 1 Coaching

Let us take the guesswork out of your nutrition. Work with a coach who understands you, your life and most importantly your goals. With weekly check-ins and accountability.

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Nutrition Coaching



View & track your workouts with visual metrics to help you chase PB’s and visualise your progress.

Real-time messaging will allow you to ask your coach a question and feedback about your session. 

Our video exercise library breaks down all movements in just one tap. Watch pre-recorded videos to help keep your workout moving.

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