Programming Principles

Why Carbohydrates Matter For Performance.

A review of muscle glycogen uptake for exercise performance. Introduction During intense multi-event days of competition in high-intensity sports, carbohydrates are the primary fuel substrate. Muscle glycogen particles are broken down, freeing glucose molecules that muscle cells can then oxidise through anaerobic and aerobic processes to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that produces muscular contractions. Muscle …

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Daily Undulating Periodisation

Daily Undulating Periodisation/Performance Method (Joe Kenn) This is a template for periodisation that concurrently trains various qualities for athletes outside of competition preparations. It is largely based on research into Daily Undulating Periodisation (DUP) Vs Traditional Linear Periodisation (TLP), where it was found that in well-trained athletes i.e CrossFit® competitors the variation in training stimulus …

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